Composite Decking in Johannesburg

Quality Composite Decking in Johannesburg

Quality Composite Decking in Johannesburg - Cybele Gardens

Composite decking is a popular alternative for wooden decking in South Africa, offering a number of advantages over other decking options. Modern composite decking products are able to replicate beautiful wooden decking with a variety of options and finishes to choose from.

Cybele Gardens is a leading supplier of composite decking in Johannesburg, installing quality and lasting products in our clients' gardens and outdoor areas. Create the outdoor space you've always dreamed of with beautiful composite decking in Johannesburg from Cybele Gardens. Contact the leading landscaping and garden design company in Johannesburg today for beautiful composite decking products and professional installation services.

Advantages of composite decking

When considering all the benefits of composite decking, it is understandable why this is becoming a growing trend amongst homeowners when designing their gardens. Composite decking offers the following advantages:

  • Strong and durable: Composite decking is extremely strong and durable, and designed to withstand outdoor conditions such as the harsh sun, rain, wind and more. Your composite decking will not fade, warp, stain or rot, which are sometime seen in genuine wooden decking. Composite decking from Cybele Gardens is ideal for your outdoor area, if you are looking for a durable option for your garden and outdoor area.
  • Low maintenance: A great advantage of composite decking is the fact that it is extremely low maintenance once installed; no sanding, oiling, varnishing or sealing is required on your composite decking products. Simply wash it down with soapy water every now and again to remove dust and grime, and anjoy your beautiful decking for many years.
  • Value for money: Composite decking is definitely a good investment, offering home-owners great value for money. Composite decking is also ideal for commercial use such as restaurants, parks and more.
  • Aesthetics: Composite decking can simulate beautiful and exotic wooden grains and finishes, for a warm and natural result. With many colours and products to choose from, you are sure to find a composite decking range that meets your design ideas and expectations. Composite decking will complement any garden or outdoor area beautifully.
  • Environmental impact: The human race is becoming more aware of the impact of products on the environment. Composite decking is environmentally friendly, and made from recycled content. This means the look and feel of wooden decking can be achieved, without the impact of using real wood.

When considering all the benefits of composite decking, it is clear why this is becoming the most popular choice of decking options in Johannesburg and Gauteng.

Contact Cybele Gardens for quality composite decking in Johannesburg

Let the experienced team at Cybele Gardens install your composite decking in Johannesburg professionally and at a competitive price. Cybele Gardens is a leading landscaping and garden design company in Johannesburg, helping our clients to achieve the beautiful garden and outdoor area they have always wanted. Contact Cybele Gardens today for more information about composite decking installation and prices.


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